Flash Quiz's

The main thing that got me into flash and coldfusion was development of quiz’s. I spent months trying to develop some thing which did not have to rely on the quiz components supplied with flash. I eventually completed a quiz which used coldfusion storing all information in a mysql database (this was done with my mate Mike Simpson).

It was then requested that I changed it all to work off a CD and information to be stored locally :( so back to the drawing board I reformatted the whole framework to import the questions etc from an XML file and then store the USER details and results in a Shared Object, which actually worked sweet as a nut.

During development I noticed whilst hitting the forums there are a lot of people out there trying to achieve a similar concept in flash, with this in mind I am going to dig out all of the projects and try and sort some mini tutorials for Flash based quiz’s. I will concentrate more on the local based solution originally then maybe progress onto the remote methods some time later.