Deploying Flex ColdFusion App on Remote Server!

Gonna blog about me being a bit of a plonker and trippin over a small stupid error I made which got me confused for a hot minute. I am gonna make it short and sweet! When you take your flex app that uses ColdFusion and the RemoteObject and deploy it on your remote server your RemoteObject source will look something like the following:


And I got Unable to invoke cfc which is unusual as I tend not to have any beef like that thrown at me! Yeh, check me out, I wanted to store this application in a directory named for example ‘myfolder’, so in it went and that is where the trouble began. Stupid but you never know if anyone else may do it too. The RemoteObject source tag is looking for the flexCF directory in the root folder

i.e. webroot>flexCF>assets>cfc>UserManager

And here was my cfc chillin on the starboard: