Flex Your Muscles With ColdFusion and MySQL Using PureMVC Tutorial

Issue 138 of the WebDesigner magazine hit the shops today and I wrote a mammoth size tutorial for the edition based on sending data to and from a MySQL database using Flex and ColdFusion. I really wanted to also show how to fit the whole application into a PureMVC framework due to my becoming a huge fan of Cliff’s work, so the whole tutorial builds the application using PureMVC so you can gain an insight into the framework.

I have noticed for a long time now more and more people wanna know about how to use Flex and ColdFusion together in a basic manner utilising a database (hence my choice of topic), use PureMVC and your opening the doors for reusability and additions in the future.

Its always a daunting thought when you have become comfortable with building certain applications to start changing your approach to and structuring of an application, but for me its been well worth it. So take a look and have a go, its a nice small application to get started with and also one that can be adapted easily and used in a real world situation….. ave a go!


Tutorial Image