PureMVC Manifold Project

The Manifold Project is about integration of the community contributions into the codebase with a focus on creating reusable, ‘off-the-rack’ utilities that extend the framework’s capabilities. For a few months now I have been involved in the PureMVC Manifold Project as a project owner. This has involved building project demos to demonstrate how to use the PureMVC framework in real life applications. So far I have conrtibuted 3 demo apps highlighting use in Flex, AIR and ColdFusion, these should help people interesting in using a solid framework like PureMVC to get onto the ladder of developing neat little applications, never look back :) + PureMVC AS3 / AIR Demo - RSS Headlines + PureMVC AS3 / Flex / CF Demo - File Upload + PureMVC AS3 / Flex / CF Demo - Query a CFC

Check my project homepage for all my demo applications with release notes, source and further information! http://trac.puremvc.org/PureMVC/wiki/ProjectOwners/SimonBailey