Flex Video Player

Due to me buying myself the new beast of a computer ( 8 core mac pro!!!! ) I have been doing some spring cleaning and discovered my first Flex video player. This was a project I never got round to completing fully due to (a) time (b) no clients specifying ‘Flex’ as the platform to develop a video player. I had fun building this and look forward to getting back to it and implementing resize and full screen capabilities. It was build on the PureMVC framework and uses an XML playlist, displays clip info on rollover of video, features a loop playlist function and is built using a Video Object as opposed to the Flex VideoDisplay component which I am not terribly keen on personally. Anyway, check it out and be aware the video content may not be suitable for the easily offended (hip hop orientated clips).

Head scratch moment recalled whilst building the progress/scrub bar.

Newtriks Flex Video