How to Delete a Workspace Reference in Flex Builder

One thing that I did in the past and for some stupid reason completely forgot how to do recently was delete a workspace reference. By that I mean, when you switch a workspace in Flex Builder you have the option to create a new workspace. In future you will always have that work space displayed in the drop down box and for me that becomes an irritation! I am not sure if there is an easier way around this but I found (on Mac OS X) that I had to do 3 things: + Show invisibles (hidden folders) - I use MainMenu to achieve this. + Navigate to the script org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs located (on Mac OS X) Applications > Flex Builder [Right click - Show Package Contents] > Contents > MacOS > @user > [Default workspace location] > configuration > .settings… + Here you will find script such as the following:

Sat Oct 25 21:41:21 BST 2008

RECENT_WORKSPACES_PROTOCOL=3 MAX_RECENT_WORKSPACES=5 SHOW_WORKSPACE_SELECTION_DIALOG=false eclipse.preferences.version=1 RECENT_WORKSPACES=/Volumes/User Name/workspace 1\n/Volumes/User Name/workspace 2 You can now delete the unwanted reference to you workspace!

  • WARNING* Be careful what you delete and avoid any mistakes as this may result in an undesired response.