Efflex SWC Available for Download

I recently downloaded and installed the new AIR TourDeFlex app and came across the latest example by Tink from his Efflex designer effects library. Tink has done an awesome job with his stuff on Efflex and the only downside was having the slight overhead of pulling in the necessary source code from Papervision3d’s SVN and from Tinks Google code library, being as its a bit of a time consuming slog gathering all the code and compiling a swc (oh and some of Tinks other classes needed pulling in).

I wanted to basically get Tinks examples running in Flex to have a play and decided to build a swc to make my life a bit easier in the future. So here it is in all its glory with one of the examples supplied on both the Efflex site and in TourDeFlex.

Please note that this swc works for now but I will not be updating the swc in the future when new developments arise on both the Papervision3d and Efflex camps. This will simply get you up and running with the current Efflex examples

swc example source