Dev Setup on Mac OSX

I have had some problems with my mac pro recently and also got myself a new mac book and to cut a long story short I have had to reformat/reinstall quite a few times. I had a small list of core installs/setup processes which I follow each time to get Eclipse, Flex, ColdFusion 8, PHP and MySQL up and running.

I have 2 drives in my mac pro and favour using one as a boot drive and the other for my Users directory which I then setup to be backed up on my NAS (using TimeMachine) and on Amazon S3 (using JungleDisk). Everytime that I have had Leopard problems this setup proves perfect as I simply remap my Users directory and bam! all back as it was for my documents and projects.

There are 2 pieces of software that I find invaluable for working of multiple computers (one of which thanks to Stef) (1) 1Password and (2) DropBox. Using 1Password you can pop its agilekeychain into DropBox and therefore sync all logins across all computers you have both pieces of software installed. Its little time savers like this that prove invaluable.

Here is my small setup routine list with links (may update as time goes on and would be interested in hearing other peoples additions):

Enable PHP, move location of websites folder to Sites and setup MySQL

Download 64-bit ColdFusion 8 (ensuring webroot is Sites folder)

Workaround for JVM error on ColdFusion installation

Install Eclipse

Install Flex

Install SVN

Install CFEclipse

Install ANT FTP task

Install the TODO plugin

Tune Eclipse