PureMVC Super Simple Example

My buddy Steve asked me for a skeleton PureMVC example application, something very basic to get your head around the work flow. I thought I may as well upload it for all as it may be of use to someone else out there. It really is a super simple example Flex application with a View component and Mediator containing a DataGrid thats populated by an ArrayCollection in a Proxy. It uses the Multicore version of PureMVC and also demonstrates how to send a simple notification through the framework when a button is clicked.


Once you have got to grips with the basics then I would suggest learning about managing states using PureMVC by reading this article I wrote: http://www.newtriks.com/?p=363. Be sure to also read up on my suggestion on how to handle Popups http://www.newtriks.com/?p=329.

For hardcore heads who want to now move onto modular development please see this post!