Network Printing at Last

Due to my eldest daughter (a) having proper homework which involves more than 10 minutes work (b) having a laptop, I have now decided to set up my Canon IP3000 printer on the network. I use a DrayTek Vigor 2800G router which has a USB printer port and presumed the set up on Mac OS X would be straight forward. I found a couple of obstacles and loads of confusing documentation online advising LPR on the Mac OS X with Canon printers and some conflicts on drivers required.

DrayTek provide the following link which proves from their end its super easy (which it was). The problem arose when it came to selecting the Canon IP3000 driver in the Print Using: dialogue, because it didn’t display the correct driver. So I went to the Canon site and downloaded the latest driver, restarted the computer and still it wouldn’t show. Then I found online some options, one involved CUPS, the second unfortunately cost $ and lastly I found Gutenprint!

Gutenprint provide a super simple installation process, no restart required and immediately the driver showed up when I started the Printer IP setup process! Job done….