Importing to IntelliJ IDEA From GitHub

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Following uploading my latest PureMVC example to GitHub I fancied working on this new project in IntelliJ IDEA 9. As I am sure your aware IntelliJ IDEA 9 now features support for Flex and AIR and hands down is awesome. There are so many ingrained features which will make you life as a developer so much better in comparison to Eclipse. Jesse Freeman has a comprehensive lowdown on IntelliJ well worth reading.

What I wanted to show was how easy it is to pull down a copy of your GitHub Flex project into IntelliJ IDEA 9 due to the inbuilt GitHub support it provides. Prior to completing the below steps I have GitHub installed on my Mac and have setup a SSH Key (also see here). Here’s a step by step example using my SimplePMVCExample as source.

Step 1:

Checkout from version control

Step 2:

Clone repository

Step 3:

Step 4:

Cloning source

Step 5:

Checkout from version control

Step 6:

Create project from scratch

Step 7:

Create new project

Step 8:

Step 9:

Module SDK