Example ANT Scripts

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I have been developing a new example modular application recently which compiles using RSL’s and I have been working on an ANT script to build the bad boy. There were a few hoops I had to jump through and I got fed up with searching high and low for certain solutions so have decided to build a GitHub repository named Ant-Funk and upload my ANT scripts. Read the WIKI as these are to be used as a reference to help people getting started with building Flex applications using ANT. Also thanks to Pedr Browne who collaborated with me on some of these scripts and will be contributing more in the future!

Some of the tasks include: + Build custom wrapper using a SWFObject template. + Compile against RSL. + Compile a Library project to a SWC and extract the SWF to use as a RSL. + Compile’s module’s. + Launch HTML in a browser.