Zarqon Active License Control System for Flex/AIR Applications

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Cliff Hall from Future Scale and PureMVC has released a public Beta for his companies new product called Zarqon. This is a much needed AIR app for licensing your Flex/AIR applications and the beauty of it is that its reliant only on Amazon S3 no other third party dependencies!

Zarqon is a cloud-based system that works with Adobe Flex and AIR to give you feature-level control of your software, and complete ownership of your license-holder data, which is stored and accessed for pennies per month in your own Amazon S3 account. Sell your application anywhere and anyhow you like. Your data never passes through our servers and you pay no royalties or percentages on the licenses you sell aside from your payment vendor’s charges.

There is not much point in me running through what Zarqon does as Cliff has documented it thoroughly on the links above, so go visit the Zarqon home page have a good read around this cool piece of software he has developed. If your interested in registering as a Beta tester though (for the moment at least) you have to be in the US to join the beta program.

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