How to Reset Default Folder Icons on Mac OS X

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I have recently installed a new SSD into my Mac Pro and decided instead of moving my Home folder to a separate drive as I usually do, to optimise the speeds of the SSD I would simply shift the larger directories to a separate drive and setup symbolic links. This was all fine until I forgot to update the Music directory icon and staring at a plain folder icon slowly started to irritate me. However, a bigger irritation was that no matter what I used i.e. CandyBar or LiteIcon the default folder icon would not reset :(

So after digging around the default icon set was eventually found in /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources, I then dragged MusicFolderIcon.icns into a CandyBar icon set, dropped it into the quick drop window and then finally dragged the Music folder onto the quick drop window, BAM all done and back to default icon thank you very much.