Creating Spark Skin's With IntelliJ IDEAX

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I have been having a play with IntelliJ IDEAX today and one thing missing from the previous version has now been resolved which is creating Spark Skins for specific components. I love the way JetBrains have tackled this as it involves two steps and you need not lift a finger from the keyboard! Seriously this is slick:

(1) Write your code to add a component when you define the skinClass parameter simply enter what you would like to call the skin class.

(2) Hit the hot keys alt + enter, your then prompted to define the destination for this class and that’s it folks.

A simple skin class is then created in the package of your choice, IntelliJ is clever enough to pick up on what component your creating the skin for and therefore defines the host component meta data for you. If you have not created the packages you defined, IntelliJ will create the packages and define them correctly within the skinClass attribute of your component declaration (screen shots):