PlayaHater an FLV Player for Rapid Testing

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Last night I pushed up to my GitHub account the source for an FLV player component (PlayaHater) that I built based on and using Minimal Comps by Keith Peters.

PlayaHater – FLV Player

The idea was spawned whilst at Flash On The Beach and I was chatting to another Flash developer about OSMF. We were both not overly keen on the framework (in certain scenarios) and he went onto explain he re-uses the building blocks of an FLV player he built based on Minimal Comps, which I thought was a great idea. Feel free to fork and add to the project on GitHub (improvements are welcomed) or download and use at your leisure for rapid testing within your projects. This is not intended to be a feature rich player to be used on live sites, its simply a light weight solution for developers involved with media related applications.