Project/Class Generation Using Project Sprouts and Alfred App

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Recently I tweeted a Screencast of an example creating AS3 projects/classes using ProjectSprouts and Rake via AlfredApp.  I had a couple of requests to share my scripts and so I created a new github repos called Shell-Funk.  I must give a clear heads-up here that I am in no way a shell script or apple script ninja and these scripts work but I cannot guarantee how great they are and would welcome input on improving them.  They are also Mac OS X dependent.

Simply put Alfred App is:

Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web. And Project Sprouts is: Project Sprouts is a highly cohesive, loosely coupled collection of features that take some of the suck out of programming. So the two combined essentially mean super speed and efficiency for those mundane tasks i.e. creating new projects or classes etc.  The first script I put up creates a new AS3 project, downloads Stray’s Project Sprouts generators for Robotlegs and opens up the newly created project in a Finder window.  Have a play and see what you think and also be sure to check out this amazing site for further scripts to use with Alfred.