End to End Testing Flex Applications Using RobotEyes

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This blogpost is simply to promote that there is a fantastic utility named RobotEyes out there for end to end testing your AS3/Flex applications and provide a simple example to help get you started in the right direction. I am currently writing a more in depth article on end to end testing AS3/Flex applications and therefore want to keep this post brief and to the point.

Are you a Flex or AS3 developer?

Do you use TDD?

If yes for both then do you do end to end testing?

For me the answer was no, that is until Stray first walked me through the concept whilst also introducing me to her utility named RobotEyes to facilitate end to end testing. I then proceeded to fork her RobotEyes repos and integrated the necessary logic to utilise the tool within a Flex project (see my RobotEyes Flex fork). There are other end to end tools for Flex out there but the major advantage for using RobotEyes as opposed to the other options are that RobotEyes actually integrates into your existing test cases, oh yeh!!!

import com.newtriks.views.LoggerTest;
import com.newtriks.views.SearchViewTest;
import com.newtriks.xendtoendtests.SearchWithResponseTest;

public class AllTests
    // End to end in the test suite yo!
    public var search_with_response_test:SearchWithResponseTest;
    public var search_view_test:SearchViewTest;
    public var logger_test:LoggerTest;

I have now constructed an example Flex 4 project to demonstrate an end to end test using RobotEyes. To help grasp the concept I have tried to keep this example as simple as I possibly can. The particular example introduces ASUnit 4 so you may want to also have a look at my previous blog post as an introduction into ASUnit 4. Please watch this space for further information on both RobotEyes and end to end testing AS3 and Flex applications.

RobotEyes Flex example