I've Written a Book - AngularJS Testing Cookbook

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A year ago I received a proposal from an Acquisition Editor for Packt Publishing to write a book on how to test AngularJS applications. The interest from Packt was based on the posts I had written on this blog. I was obviously appreciative of the proposal and initially excited at the prospect of writing my first book, however, I also was aware of the enormity of the task! A year later and the book has been published and damn it was hard graft :) A sample chapter can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

AngularJS Testing Cookbook

AngularJS Testing Cookbook is intended for developers who have an understanding of the basic principles behind both AngularJS and test driven development. You, as a developer, are interested in eliminating the fear related to either introducing tests to an existing codebase or starting out testing on a fresh AngularJS application. If you’re a team leader or part of a QA team with the responsibility of ensuring full test coverage of an application, then this book is ideal for you to comprehend the full testing scope required by your developers. Whether you’re new to, or well versed with AngularJS this book will guarantee to consummate your application code and help reduce the cost of bugs.

AngularJS Testing Cookbook is available from the following websites: